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One-time news items which are retained as being of some possible historical interest.
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There's no official meteorological station at Seahouses: the nearest is at Boulmer. But some amateurs collect temperature data, just for interest. The 2015 figures are now available, including those of the record-breaking December.

Recording daily maximum and overnight minimum readings, they have then been averaged - over each month and over the whole year. 2015 as a whole was not particularly remarkable with an average daily maximum of 12.43°C (against a ten-year 'normal' of 12.29°C): minima averaged 7.04°C (normal 7.10°C).
But now see the December data:
December daily maximum 5.39°C, minimum 2.23°C, ten-year average.
December daily maximum 1.55°C, minimum -1.16°C, in 2010 (for comparison).
December daily maximum 8.61°C, minimum 5.58°C, in 2015.

Anglers along Seahouses south beach.
The last Sunday morning in January 2015 saw an unusual concentration of folk along Seahouses south beach, extending down to Annstead, Beadnell and beyond. In addition to the 'regulars' - the golfers on the greens and fairways above the cliffs - there was a generous sprinkling of anglers from Amble Sea Angling Club spread along the edges of the sands and rocks. Jack had already proved successful in his first club competition.


Views around Seahouses. North pier, the Powder House, Annstead Burn and the Old Annstead Bridge as seen in the late afternoon, subject to high tide plus storm surge and a westerly (thankfully!) gale. Water level rose slightly further as darkness fell.

In September 2013 the Grace Darling rescue of September 1878, seventy-five years earlier, was commemorated.
It has its own dedicated record here.

8th April
Windfarm seen from Seahouses.

Danio on the rocks. The middle weekend of March 2013 brought Seahouses to the world's attention via press and TV reports of the inexplicable grounding of the DANIO on the rocks of the Farne Islands.  It was a full year later that various court cases ended with a fine of £60,000 being imposed.
On the morning of Thursday the twenty-first the visibility was good enough to be able to spot the distant vessel direct from Seahouses.  It was finally towed clear on a suitable tide at 3.00am ten days later.Danio from Seahouses.

Start of the wind farm west of the A1. The twenty-first century came within sight of Seahouses on the glorious, sunny morning of Thursday, 14th February 2013!  It was then that the first stage of the installation of the wind farm west of the A1 became visible - by telephoto anyway - from Seahouses golf course as well as from some properties in the village itself.

In fact the first installation to be completed was the next one northwards: it was on the 27th of February that we were able to appreciate the final appearance of our distant neighbour wind turbines.  Impressive or intrusive?  Modern windmill resource or desperate waste of investment?  Shall we get to ignore them? - or to love them?  Anyway, they soon started popping up like mushrooms overnight!
The first of the wind turbines.
Windfarm as at 2nd March.

Harbour Inn viewed from Main Street. There's a unique opportunity for some entrepreneur (or some charitable donor) to take over the erstwhile "Harbour Inn", so centrally located in Seahouses immediately next to the Main Street / King Street roundabout.  The combination of a versatile building with its own frontage area, car park and garden provides facilities for both commercial and social activities, under community or private enterprise auspices or some inspired combination of the two.

A selling agent has been appointed but I have not been able to find details on their website.  Nor do emails seem to be very effective.  The best plan might be to contact the present owners in the Links Hotel next door and avoid agency fees?

Seahouses Post Office and house. HELP! We need someone to safeguard the future of our Village Post Office. There's an opportunity for some entrepreneur to join our community as an important contributor to both the commercial and the social life of the village. 10/12 King Street, Seahouses is for sale, as a whole or with house and Post Office separately. Details are here. The actual Post Office.

The former navigation mast.
This photo from October 2010 shows the navigation-system
mast on the edge of Seahouses golf course.
It was finally removed in 2012.
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