North Sunderland and Seahouses Gardening Association.
24th September 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Sheltered Housing, Stone Close

  1. Apologies for absence were received from: Lorraine Douglas, Leigh Wilson, Christine Graham and Brian Lockett.
  2. Number present: 13.
  3. Correspondence : No written correspondence, but Liz confirmed she had spoken to Graeme Trotter that day, and he had said Trotters Bakery would sponsor the 2015 show. The committee were delighted by this generosity. Liz is to write to both Graeme and Nathan Trotter to thank them. Additionally, Ailsa and George from the Golden Gate Farne Island Boat Trips have offered a boat trip to help us with our fundraising. The committee again were delighted with this generous offer: Liz to contact Ailsa.
  4. Secretary's report: This was read out at the meeting and copy is attached for ease of reference - refer to Annex I
  5. Treasurer's report: The report was handed out to those present and gone through - refer to Annex II
  6. Election of Officers:
    • John Hanvey was re-elected as Chairman.
    • Liz Moor was re-elected as Secretary.
    • Jim Williamson was re-elected as Treasurer.
    • Election of Committee: Geraldine Cave, Ronnie Cave, Jayne Dobson, Lorraine Douglas, Christine Graham, Dorothy Graham, Janet Graham, Sarah Liddell, Terry Liddell, Brian Lockett, Ray Massey, Jimmy Scott, Dave Trotter, Alan Warnaby, Christine Williamson, Leigh Wilson, Peggy Wood.
  7. Show 2015
    • Date 5th September 2015: agreed
    • Judges: agreed as previous shows; Mr Pringle, Mrs Shanks & Mrs Turnbull. Action - Liz to write to Judges with thanks and invite.
    • Review of what worked & what didn't work for Show 2014:
      • Times were tight for the judges. Agreed to change times on schedule for the Saturday. All entries to be staged between 8.30 and 11.30 on the morning. Times remained as last year for the Friday evening.
      • Photograph Display - The photographs were placed on black paper onto the windows. This hadn't worked. Ongoing discussions as different options put forward; Liz to check with Resource Centre if Bowling Room or upstairs in the Community Centre available, and to check if Bellview have any display boards which we might be able to use.
      • List of Sponsors at door - this had worked.
      • Committee agreed that there weren't enough helpers on the day. Putting up prize money and adding the points up were a concern. Agreed that others needed to be shown how to help prior to the show and there must be dedicated people to help. Approximately 4 persons. Peggy will speak with the WI and ask if anyone could volunteer on the day.
      • Space was an issue - agreed for next year's show the crafts will move into the room where judges currently have their tea, with possibly the photograph class as well.
    • Review of Schedule:
      • Vegetable Section - no changes.
      • Flower Section: Agreed to remove classes 36 and 37, 3 Carnation Border and 3 Carnation Perpetual respectively. These were requested to be changed (addition need to be confirmed with Brian). Liz to action.
      • Bakery Section: Agreed to removed 4 Dropped scones and replace with 4 Fruit Girdles (round).
      • Handicraft Section: Agreed to add in 2 Quilting classes; Quilting (machine), Quilting (hand sewn).
      • Art, Craft, Painted Picture and Photograph Section - no changes.
      • Children's Section: Children Section 9 years and under 10 years and over - Agreed to remove Novelty Vegetable/Fruit; Photograph Print, Greeting Card any Medium; Greeting Card Computer generated. Replace with Decorative Welly and Spaceship (not to exceed 12" x 12"). Action Geraldine is to take forward with the Girls Brigade. Liz to contact Lynsey Morris to ask if the scouts/cubs would like to be involved.
      • Seahouses First School Theme - whatever the children thought the village show represented to them, whether it is vegetables, flowers, bakery or crafts. Action Liz to contact the school.
    • Other ways of Advertising - Facebook and Twitter. Action Liz to speak with Leigh.
    • Review of setting of Hall: discussed in what worked and what didn't - to be carried over to next meeting.
    • Review of Charges: agreed to remain the same.
    • Review of Responsibilities: on going. Action Agreed we would all try and recruit on-the-day volunteers.
    • Any other points: Agreed letter of thanks to be sent to the list of businesses who supported the show, and a general thank you in the Village News. Action - Liz.
    • Date of next meeting: 4th March 2015 at 7:30p.m. in the Sheltered Housing Stone Close. Action Liz to book hall.
    • Book the hall for the show: Action Liz confirmed she had already booked the hall, but needed to complete the booking form.
Secretary's Report
Feedback I have received is that the show went extremely well with everyone enjoying the day. It was fantastic the financial support & raffle prizes we received both from individuals & businesses. Numbers were up both for exhibits & attendance.

I would like to thank everyone for their help, support & importantly your enthusiasm, with special thanks to Jim & Lorraine. All the advertising seems to have worked & I believe we can build on this which can be discussed later in the meeting.

Following the show I have done some comparisons of the classes to see where there have been no entries over the last 2/3 years & suggest these can be removed with your approval. Later in the meeting we can discuss any new additions.

Vegetable - all show entries.
Flowers - No entries for 3 carnation border; 3 carnations perpetual. Note disasters classes all have exhibits.
Bakery Arts & Crafts - Bakery & Arts: no problems are have entries. Crafts: while exhibits are up nothing for Tapestry unmounted. None have any entries in disaster class.
Children's Section - 9 years & under: Last 3 years - Novelty fruit & veg, last 2 years only no entries for 3 areas - photograph print, Greeting card any medium & also the computer generated cards.
Children's Section - 10 years & over: Last 2 years only - biscuits & computer generated greetings card.
No entries in any of the disaster classes.

(re-formatted for the website)

Show IncomeShow Expenditure
Door£147.85Prize money£358.40
Auction£103.94Hire of hall£127.00
Teas£43.74Other expenses *£123.64
SHOW  PROFIT  2014:  £401.49
(2013: £203.37)
* Outstanding expenditure of approximately £30 yet to be included (and deducted from Total Cash Assets).

Current AccountSavings Account
20 May 2014£1,545.5206 August 2014£683.07
Add show profit£401.49Add interest£0.09
04 September 2014£1,947.0101 September 2014£683.16
Total Cash Assets 02 September 2013:  £2,630.17

Secretary - Liz Moor, 01665 721200
Chairman - John Hanvey, 01665 720718
Treasurer - James Williamson, 01665 589111

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