15th OF MARCH, 2014


Invitation and floral arrangements.

Maureen Palmer and Pat Scott had been busy beforehand.


Electronic welcome.

The new electronic display system extended a Welcome, in both the foyer and the church itself.

Congregation assembles.

Harry Hanvey provided a suitable musical background as members of the congregation assembled.


Opening words.

The Reverend Pauline Fellows opened the Celebration with a prayer and Psalm 150 was read, with words being displayed for all to see.

The first hymn.

The congregation stood for the first hymn, needing no books thanks to the verse-by-verse display.

The audiovisual system in operation.

The magic of the displays was under the control of Martin and Dee Colam, up in the balcony.


Children in action.

Local members of the Girls' Brigade provided two musical items.


The prayer of thanksgiving.

Reverend Fellows said a special Prayer of Thanksgiving.


The interview.

Reverend Leo Osborn, Chairman of the Newcastle District, interviewed the Reverend Ruth Gee with particular reference to her standing as the current President of the Methodist Conference. Ruth explained her status and gave an outline of her activities, emphasising the importance of involvement with people in all the countries she had visited. She also explained the special status of the official Crucifix, her badge of office while in post.


The end of the video.

A video was shown, illustrating the complexity of the rebirth of the building.


The Lessons being read.

Lessons were read by John Walton and Derek Forshaw - as well as by the congregation from the display.


Rev Gee's sermon.

In her sermon Reverend Gee spoke of Jesus passing by.
It was followed by another congregational hymn.


The Prayer of Dedication.

As climax to the celebration, the Prayer of Dedication was read by Reverend Gee.


Initiating the Visitors' Book.

Reverend Gee and Reverend Osborn then initiated the new Seahouses Methodist Church Visitors' Book.


The celebratory cake.

A Celebratory Cake having been prepared and displayed, it then fell to George Dawson to make the first cut, in his capacity as having been the first baby to be baptised in the newly dedicated church building in 1926!


Thanks and the collection.

Pat Scott represented the local membership in making a presentation of thanks to Reverend Gee.
Then, the other side of the coin, Girls' Brigade members officiated in taking a Collection, received by Reverend Fellows.


The final hymn.

Our harbour entrance provided the display background for a final hymn.


The blessing.

The service concluded with a Blessing, and an invitation to refreshments.


Church features.

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