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Kittiwakes with chicks.
Once the patient incubation period is over Kittiwake parenthood becomes a really frantic fishing and feeding frenzy. Black bills develop on the shapeless bundles of fluff: quills become apparent as fluff turns to feathers.

Restaurant banner.
Insieme Restaurant.
There's a new enhancement to the range of specialist restaurants available to Seahouses residents and visitors. Insieme (in-se-ay-me = "together") just managed to open its doors at 52 Main Street before the end of June, offering a range of Italian cuisine - starters; pasta; pizza; fish; chicken; and meat variations including kids' and gluten-free specials - and all with dine-in or takeaway options. Diners-in can indulge in icecreams and other sweets, coffees, etc., not to mention free Wi-Fi. It is to become fully licensed on the 20th of July: meanwhile tableware is provided for bring-it-yourself alcohol. Summer hours are from 12 noon to 10.00 pm (8.00 pm on Sundays). Phone 01665 720 440. As well as the Main Street entrance, there is also direct access from the main car park, overspill section.


A hazy morning on Tuesday, 30th of June, saw the sailing ship Stavros S. Niarchos making way gently northwards from Blyth to Berwick. Built in 2000, it is a 60-metre, 500-tonne vessel. According to their website, "A perfect introduction to life at sea and the chance to experience a Tall Ship. Join our 200ft Brig for the day and we'll have you climbing the masts, taking the helm and setting the sails. This is a great activity for family and friends and a popular gift too! Food will be provided, you'll start the day with a light breakfast in the mess, as well as lunch and afternoon tea being served throughout the trip."
Stavros S. Niarchos under sail.

Kittiwake with chick.
The Seahouses golf course cliff egg previously reported has metamorphosed miraculously into a bundle of fluff. Kittiwake Mum - or is it Dad? - whichever, snatches forty winks against the time when that bundle demands being fed yet again. But on the other side of the golf course a Mallard Mum on the Annstead Burn exhibits her much more numerous family flotilla.
Mallard family.


The 2016 edition of the Seahouses Calendar is now available from the Sue Ryder charity shop at 11 Main Street, Seahouses, between Pinnacles and the Olde Ship Hotel at the sea end of the village. Produced locally, well over half the cover price of £4.95 is retained by the charity.

Twelve iconic Seahouses pictures adorn the cover: each then features on its own month display along with public holidays and other events, leaving space for your own appointments and notes. A plain white envelope is included.

If you are unable to call in, phone the Sue Ryder shop on 01665 721652 instead.
Front cover of the calendar.

Repair works on Seahouses pier.

The 'hammerhead' part of the pier which sticks out had been suffering undermining from the power of swells coming in from the North Sea. A two-metre hole had developed. Once the unstable residues have been removed it will be repaired by pinning with metal reinforcement and concreting over. Careful navigation enables tour boats to ply their trade as usual.

For all cases of -
 • minor head, ear or eye problems
 • broken nose or nose bleed
 • sprains, strains, cuts or bites
 • children's minor injuries or ailments
 • minor fractures or broken bones
 • abcess or wound infection
- the official advice is to call 111 for advice or visit the nearest Casualty (A&E) Department which is -
Wansbeck Hospital
Woodhorn Lane
NE63 9JJ
(33 miles from the centre of Seahouses)
For all cases of -
 • suspected stroke
 • loss of consciousness
 • persistent severe chest pain
 • sudden shortness of breath
 • severe abdominal pain
 • severe blood loss
- the official advice is to call 999 for an emergency ambulance or to visit the Emergency Care Hospital which is -
Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital
NE23 6NZ
The route by car is via the A1; A19; A189; B1505 and loop round (signposted, left) under the A189 onto the B1326. There is a video here.
About 42.6 miles from the centre of Seahouses according to allow 1 hour 20 minutes. The post code is new and may not be recognised: it is not yet on Google or theAA.
In appropriate cases a 999 call for an ambulance is copied to a local First Responder, who may well arrive ahead of the ambulance.

Village Voices choir and presentation.
For the last two years Seahouses' choir, Village Voices, has benefited from the expertise of Vanessa Richards as their Director of Music and conductor. But the concert in Seahouses Methodist Church on Friday, 12th of June, marked the end of that all-too-brief era: Vanessa's increased commitments will be taking her beyond commuting range, perhaps north of the border. An enjoyable run-through of some choir and solo repertoire items was followed by Chairman George Scott's presentation to Vanessa.


As usual at this time of year, the Seahouses golf course cliffs are host to numbers of kittiwakes, temporarily ashore instead of eating, relaxing and sleeping on the North Sea waves. The occasionally restive expectant Mum allows a brief glimpse of what it's all about - the next generation currently in egg format!

Seat on King Street.
A new generation of public seats is being used to replace the rotted wooden ones recently tidied away. They are made out of recycled plastic, mainly former bottles!
Seat on King Street.

St Paul's garden.
After an unpromising morning of wind and rain, the last afternoon of May was blessed with bright sunshine - perhaps the outcome of prayers at St. Paul's Church in regard to their Annual Garden Party? Be that as it may, the traditional range of activities such as a raffle, bric-a-brac, barbecue and other refreshments, games and so on were enjoyed by folks increasing in numbers as the sunshine persisted. Central attraction was the Middle School Steel Band in their tentage stabilised by helpers battling the breezes.

Eider ducks with young.

The eider is a remarkable species of duck. Quite apart from its propensity for producing eider down for eiderdowns, egg brooding and the early care of chicks is left entirely to the drab females (right). In our local case, this takes place exclusively on the Farne Islands: as soon as the whole brood is complete Mum leads a hazardous expedition onto the sea and navigates to coastal shallows, with Seahouses harbour a regular favourite. Dad (left) seems proud but isn't a lot of use at this stage.

Not yet at their best at the end of May our orchids (Dactylorhiza purpurella) on dunes and golf course foretell the arrival of summer. Thrift or sea pink (right) flourishes even closer to salt-laden cliffs and beaches.
* That's the spelling according to Wikipedia!

Holiday village scenes.
Seahouses was again fortunate in enjoying a dry holiday weekend with strong sunshine from time to time. Reflecting its popularity over a wide area, car parks, streets and the harbour area were soon abuzz with folk enjoying themselves. Many headed for the boat booking cabins for their trips out to the Farne Islands or the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Refreshment times provided a wide range of facilities and menus on offer.


A new addition has been made to the range of Seahouses-specific goods on sale around the village. Elegant white porcelain mugs bear an imprint of a fully active harbour against a background of the grass slope and the actual 'sea houses' of Harbour Road and Crewe Street. Supplies are available from "Drift" at number 20 and "Polka Dot" opposite at 29 Main Street.
Seahouses mugs.

The Seahouses Tea Towel.

For the first time ever, so far as we can learn, there is now a purpose-designed SEAHOUSES TEA TOWEL. Rather larger than your average kitchen accessory, it measures 20" wide and 30" long. Photographic images show a boat trip "To the Farne Islands and Holy Island"; "North Beach"; "Thrift"; "Busy harbour in the centre of the village"; "Orchid"; "Smoke-house kippers"; "Fresh sea food" lobster; "Angler boat"; "Countryside too" across farmland to the Cheviots; "Beach rides"; "South beach"; "Railway walk"; and "RNLB Grace Darling".
Stockists include Drift and Polka Dot in the Main Street centre of the village; Swallow Fish in South Street just off the Coast Walk route; and the Tourist Information Centre on the main car park. The concensus indicates a retail price around £4.99 each.
All contributors and purchasers welcome!
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