Seahouses Pubwatch


Overall Aim

To maintain licensed premises within Seahouses scheme as safe and enjoyable venues for customers and staff alike.


To prevent, within boundaries of the scheme, violence (or threats of violence), vandalism, the dealing and taking of illegal drugs, drunkenness, anti-social behaviour and underage drinking.



Membership of the scheme shall be open to all licensed premises within the Seahouses area. Attendance at meetings may be by licensee/owner/manager/partner or responsible member of staff. No person that has been on Pub/Club Watch may attend. Police and local authority officers will have ex officio membership of the scheme. Such members will have no rights to identify any person to be excluded from premises within the scheme or to vote in relation to any exclusion.


Meetings will be held at licensees discretion. Minutes will be taken of all meetings, copies of which will be circulated to members along with any other relevant information. Extraordinary meetings may be called at the request of 3 scheme members. Attendance at meetings is vital to the successful operation of the scheme. Each member (or their representative) should not miss 2 meetings in succession. Non attendance will be monitored and may result in expulsion. Re-entry to the scheme will be by non-refundable Subscriptions as if the premises are joining for the first time.


Subscriptions will be payable at a set rate.

Disciplinary action

Any member knowingly contravening a provision of the scheme or acting in a manner which is detrimental to the scheme may be expelled subject to the majority decision by the remaining scheme members. In the event of any such disciplinary action, the member concerned shall have 14 days in which to lodge an appeal. Any member excluded will be suspended pending the hearing of an appeal.


Any person "Excluded" by the scheme shall be barred from entering the premises of any Pub/Club Watch scheme members during normal opening hours without exception. A member may, at any meeting, put forward for exclusion any individual whom the member believes to be responsible for any of the relevant offences (detailed in tariffs section) in, or adjacent to, that member's premises.

Seahouses Pub/Club Watch Policy With Respect To Excluded Persons

Seahouses Pub/Club Watch considers it important that its members actively seek to promote measures which will promote the following objectives:
"Preventing crime and disorder in and around the premises. Preventing nuisance to neighbouring businesses and residents, providing a safe environment for people who frequent their premises and the staff who work there. Making Seahouses and Beadnell a place where people want to live, visit and work".
Pub/Club Watch members welcome all people to their premises who can assist in achieving their objectives and whilst enjoying the facilities provided behave responsibly. Pub/Club Watch is pleased that the vast majority of customers are responsible people who are an asset to their businesses and the vitality of Seahouses.
There are a minority of people who, it is considered, fail to meet the standards expected of them. Pub/Club Watch considers it vital to exclude (ban) such persons from members' premises for the purpose of promoting our stated objectives. It is recognised that people and circumstances change and it is not the intention permanently to exude anyone who can satisfy the Pub/Club Watch committee that they are reformed characters. Pub/Club Watch will consider representations from persons who wish to have their names removed from the exclusion list after a period of time.
This constitution has been formulated as a result. Each case will be considered on its merit. It is important to note that policy is intended as a general guide and must not be regarded as inflexible. The exclusion periods referred to are minimum periods and Pub/Club Watch may decide that it is appropriate to extend them. The policy deals separately with various different categories or types of offence and behaviour. Regard will therefore be had to the cumulative effect of all matters regardless of the fact that they may not be spread across a number of different categories or types of offences or conduct and this may result in longer exclusion periods. Account will also be taken of any other information which comes to the attention of Pub/Club Watch or its members however obtained. In general, for the purpose of applying the exclusion periods, warnings and cautions will be treated as though the individual had been convicted of the offence for which the warning or caution was issued. Where as a result of a relevant offence a person receives a custodial sentence, the exclusion period will be deemed to commence at the expiry of the period of the actual sentence imposed by the courts.

Criteria and Tariffs

Criteria for exclusion: Members are reminded that they have, as licensees, the power under the Licensing Act to exclude any person they wish from their own premises (so long as the decision is not based on age, race, sex, sexuality, religion... etc.). The above are a guide-lines: licensees have the right to change the tariffs.


When a person is excluded by the scheme a letter will be forwarded to them informing them that they have been excluded and explaining the consequences of breaking the ban. A warning letter may be sent out if the members feel that this is more appropriate in relation to an incident brought to their attention.

Appeal process

Individuals subject to an exclusion will be given an opportunity to appeal. Written representation outlining the grounds for their appeal must be forwarded to the scheme within 14 days or prior to the date of the next meeting. The members will discuss the excluded person's representation and vote on whether to uphold that person's continued exclusion or the removal of his/her name from the exclusion list. A two-thirds majority of members present is needed to remove a name. The appellant will be notified by letter of the outcome. Appeals may also be lodged half way through an exclusion period.


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