David at work for us.



From 2006 to August 2013.

David Collinson was born on Tyneside and went to Durham University. He was from an early age a talented musician.  He spent most of his working life as a Methodist Minister, subject to lots of evening meetings.  So, when he retired he thought he would have an opportunity to join a choir, enjoy singing and take a back seat.  David enjoyed his singing and is a very good singer.  However this part of his career lasted less than a year.  Village Voices needed an accompanist and David stepped into the breech.  He has given us invaluable years of excellent service.

Being an accompanist is one of the most difficult jobs in a choir.  You are not in charge; you don't choose what is sung; you have to play in whatever venue we chose to perform, on whatever instrument is available; you have to make sure that the electricity works and that you can see both the conductor and the choir.  There have to be no gaps in the performance and all the music has to be instantly available.  In all these tasks, ably helped by his wife Anne, David has served us with great distinction.  Indeed, he has of recent years extended his contribution by bringing his own personal electronic keyboard for use at most of our concerts.

David is thoughtful, patient, kind, unflappable and immensely considerate.  He is always willing to listen and to work together with the conductor to get things right.  He has delighted us with his own musical performances.  David is retiring and the choir owes him a deep debt of gratitude for his unstinting commitment and kindness in his work as accompanist.  We shall miss you David and wish you well.

David plus Conductor and Chairman.

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