Grant Aid for our Keyboard and Amplifier

After our performance at Embleton.
Ten years after Village Voices was set up in Seahouses it became clear, for a variety of reasons, that it was necessary to purchase a portable-piano type of instrument: few of our concert venues possessed anything suitable to accompany our singing. We were hesitant to commit a high proportion of our financial reserve but were fortunate to find salvation in the form of a 75% grant. This came from the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, through their Sustainable Development Fund. It enabled us to set ourselves up with a Casio CDP 120 keyboard and Acus 100 amplifier, plus accessories to complete a self-contained outfit - all within the capability of transport by car.

Although it was the third time the equipment had been in use, it was on the evening of the 18th of July 2014 that the choir, the hardware and a representative of the AONB first come together, in the Church of the Holy Trinity at Embleton. Photographed after the concert, the ladies pictured are Catherine Gray, Grant Scheme Officer of the AONB; Pat Adamson, Accompanist; and Vanessa Richards, Director of Music. It was Pat and Vanessa who had selected the various items of equipment. The ladies involved.
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