Fire Service

Fire station in Main Street, Seahouses.

The Fire and Rescue Service station in Main Street, Seahouses serves a wide geographical area of farmland, coast and rural communities.

Most obviously a 999 Emergency Service, we don’t like doing that!  We spend much more time, much more effectively, in the prevention of fires, in safety education, and in generally safeguarding the welfare of the communities we serve.

  • Smoke alarms.
  • Electric blankets and other domestic electrical/gas appliances.
  • Extinguishers and preventative equipment in the home, vehicle and place of work.
  • Planning for evacuation.
  • Compliance with relevant Planning, Building and Health and Safety regulations.

We have experts in all these and many other matters.  We can always offer advice: we can often provide practical help, sometimes free of charge.

Whether it’s a matter of your own home, of a loved-one’s house, of your business, of a group that you’re involved with, or some public concern, never hesitate to consult your own local Fire and Rescue Service.  First contact will usually be by telephone, using the numbers below.

FIRE  CONTROL  (URGENT  NON-EMERGENCY): Morpeth; 01670 534660
FIRE  AND  RESCUE  (NON-EMERGENCY): Main Street, North Sunderland, Seahouses; 01665 721959