Seahouses Primary School

Seahouses Primary School is sited at the former Middle School at the end of Southfield Avenue and James Street.

In September 2016 Seahouses First School became a Primary School as part of the Alnwick Partnership and for the first time admitted Year 5 children and a year later Year 6 children.

A full range of National Curriculum subjects is taught to all pupils in a variety of ways according to the nature of the task being undertaken. This will range from whole class to small groups, or as individuals, providing the most appropriate mode for both the child and task. Careful planning and preparation is taken to ensure a balance is maintained between subject areas and that the content and approaches are relevant to all children.

For admissions refer to Northumberland County Council’s Admission Brochure for Primary Schools for detailed information on school admissions:

Head Teacher Mrs Vickie Allen
Seahouses Primary School, James Street, Seahouses, NE68 7YF
t:01665 720444, e: